Why I’m Rewatching Gilmore Girls (April 2020)

I feel like I get into Netflix ruts quite frequently. I finish a series and have no clue what I want to watch next. So the browsing begins…reading synopsis after synopsis, watching trailers. I must spend 30 minutes trying to choose a new show and by the time I do…I’m bored and take a nap.

Last Friday was no different. I was searching and getting to that inevitable “I really need a nap!” state of mind and then I saw it…Gilmore Girls, goddamnit. I have not watched this show in SO LONG. I didn’t love the reboot mini series that Netflix released a few years ago, Rory was chaotic, but that’s another conversation. After pondering the idea for a couple of minutes, I decided to indulge. I started episode one, season one…

WELL, let me tell you, it is just as spectacular as I remembered. Stars Hollow remains an enchanting, peaceful oasis. Lorelai and Rory’s fast paced banter is as charming as ever (those two don’t miss a beat). Characters such as: Kirk, Miss Patty, and Babette’s weird, tall husband are all still hilarious. It was just heartwarming to watch. Obviously I’ve seen the entire series before, so there were no surprises in those first 42 minutes (or the last 27 episodes I’ve watched this week…oops?), but I was transfixed. I understand how it remains relevant 20 years post initial release. It is just freaking funny, but also emotional and real. I am not gonna explain the plot of the series here because I hope you will all go and watch, if you haven’t already…it’s just that GOOD. 

So, I guess you’re wondering, why is she writing this article? Gilmore Girls hardly needs the extra clout and Amy Sherman Palladino is doing fine (by “fine” I mean show creator extraordinar is currently producing the amazing show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel…watch that too). I guess this piece is not as much an endorsement for the show as it is a “thank you” to the show.

 Life has been tough the last few weeks. We are all home, doing Zoom-school. We can’t leave said homes to see our friends and family. The news is upsetting and there is no escape from constant Corona-related conversation. Yet, in all of this madness, 42 minutes of Gilmore Girls made me feel happy. When I watch that show I do not think about the current situation in the world, I think about why Luke and Lorelai can’t get it together. I think about how Emily Gilmore might be one of the greatest television characters in history. I think about how nice a stroll through Stars Hollow would be right now. This show is a wonderful distraction and I am smiling writing this right now. Gilmore Girls is the perfect television distraction for me, but if you have your own favorite, I encourage you to indulge as well. Just sit back for 42ish minutes and stop thinking. The calm feeling is temporary, but necessary. Dive into a story or something Kardashian/Jenner related…I dare you. Now, I’m going to stop writing and get back to season two. 

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