21 Lessons For 21 Years

On October 20, 2021 I turned 21 years old. The legal drinking age. The year some say one “really becomes an adult.” Has my life changed since turning the big 21, not really. However, I did spend $57 on Kendall Jenner branded tequila. 

Last year I wrote one of these to my younger self. A list of lessons that young Abigail would’ve liked to have known. So, I’m bringing it back a year later..

Here’s 21 Lessons for 21 Years:

  1. Human beings are not psychic, we are not mind readers (That’s So Raven is an exception of course). You have no way of knowing what someone is thinking unless they disclose that information to you.
  2. Press-on acrylic nails are so inexpensive and easy to use. However, they’re always locked up at CVS, so people don’t steal them. Be prepared to get dirty looks from the associate who has to unlock them for you.
  3. All emotions are valid, even the uncomfortable ones.
  4. The preschoolers at JCC Kindercamp should be running Amazon or Apple. Young people are cooler and more creative than Jeff Bezos. 
  5. You can be nice to people you don’t particularly like and it’s different than being fake.
  6. Alone time is essential for you to recharge and relax!
  7. Three words: Wireless Push-up Bras (is that four words?)
  8. It is ok to be the first to reach out. Remind people in your life that you care about them.
  9. You don’t need to minimize yourself to allow someone else to reach their maximum potential.
  10. Quick hangover prevention tool: HAHA there isn’t one!
  11. Healing is not linear
  12. A year later and this girl still loves therapy!!
  13. Having family around is a beautiful gift. Cherish the time you have with people who actually know you and love you.
  14. Rejection is simply redirection to something better.

***Family members PLEASE skip lesson 15***

  1. Vibrators are shipped in discreet packaging! The college mailroom probably doesn’t know what you ordered…probably
  2. Transferring schools is really, really challenging. 
  3. Transferring schools was really, really worth it.
  4. You are a storyteller. You are creative. You are wise.
  5. Donald Trump won’t be president forever. He won’t even be president for 2 terms  😀
  6. You are not supposed to have all the answers right now. 
  7. You are loved. You are kind. You are worthy of friendship. You are worthy of laughter. You are an extraordinary human being. You are worthy of this new beginning..

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