22 Lessons for 22 Years

On October 20, 2022 I turned 22 years old. I have the most amazing friends and family in the world. I sit here exhausted and grateful, waiting for my sheets to finish in the dryer. The last year (21) was beautiful, challenging, and fleeting. It was the first year I felt fully Abigail, even though she is flawed. I felt okay making mistakes and I accepted my successes. It was a good year. Cannot believe this is the third installment of this series, but here’s 22 Lessons for 22 Years…

  1. Take several opportunities every day to slow down and breathe. We never realize how fast we’re moving.
  2. Never assume you know what someone is thinking. 
  3. The definition of aging gracefully is listening to Folklore while grocery shopping.
  4. Never underestimate the power of therapy and drinking water!
  5. Ask someone how they are and mean it!
  6. She’s not the love of your life, she’s a girl in her 20’s (take that how you wish).
  7. Apply moisturizer to your neck..looking forward to seeing if this works!
  8. Don’t mourn things that aren’t over yet. 
  9. It’s almost 2023 and Lemonade Mouth is still a great film.
  10. Peace comes when you are your own safe space.
  11. Check your emails!
  12. Keep your expectations low, but your standards high.
  13. Resentment is brain constipation. 
  14. When all else fails, playing dead is always a good option!
  15. I trust myself. I am worthy. I have my shit together.
  16. The amount of times I ate rice and beans for dinner this year..astonishing!
  17. Tell people you love them more!
  18. Buy the Bratz Doll shot glasses!
  19. When God closes a door, he drives through the display window of Chanel.
  20. Abigail, you do know how to read books!
  21. Decorate for Christmas early and do your laundry.
  22. The best is yet to come. 

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