Alex Boch on Rock & Roll Drive In and inspiration through music

Most can agree that nothing beats live music. As we stand in the crowd, our heart beats faster in anticipation of our favorite band taking the stage. Once the music starts we are transfixed, our pulse steadies to the beat of the bass and we can physically feel every note of the song. The out of body concert experience is one that 19 year old Alex Boch knows all too well. Growing up with rock n roll, Alex says his passion for music began at the early age of seven. Alex recalled, “One day my dad came home with an AC/DC poster and from that day forward I was obsessed with rock music. I was the only 10 year old kid at metal shows.”

Music has always been an integral part of Alex’s life. In 2006, Alex’s father, greater Boston business magnate Ernie Boch Jr. founded Music Drives Us, a foundation that supports and improves school music programs. Since then, the foundation has supported countless schools providing funding and resources to enrich the programs. Music Drives Us believes in the importance of keeping music in schools. Alex said about Music Drives Us, “Whatever the schools need, we are there. We have given everything from funding to actual new instruments. We will do anything to keep the programs alive.” 

In 2021, Alex stepped up to contribute to Music Drives Us. As his high school senior project, Alex organized a drive in benefit rock concert for the foundation. He started a band and headlined the show. The show rightfully named Rock & Roll Drive In was a major success and is now an annual event. When asked about the inspiration for Rock & Roll Drive In Alex said, “We were in peak covid craziness. The idea was a major risk, but we made the show so you could be safe by staying in your car. We wanted to find a way to help the school music programs suffering during covid. It was all a big what if, but we figured it out and now it’s an annual event.” The concert was held in a giant parking lot in Mansfield and the turnout was impressive. When asked about the process of making the show possible Alex said, “I definitely didn’t do it alone. I have the best team behind me. We got a massive stage, I had someone fixing lights, getting vendors, and dealing with insurance. I did not realize how much work it would be when I started.” Alex was so inspired by the success of the concert that he wants to continue to see it grow. When asked about where he sees Rock & Roll Drive In in five years Alex said, “I want to be able to say that we had a spectacular event and because of people’s generosity we were able to save school music programs. It will be amazing to hear that Rock & Roll Drive In made change happen in schools.”   

Alex Boch is a musician turned philanthropist. Before the success of Rock & Roll Drive In, Alex was just a kid who loved music. Alex can relate to the students he supports and understands the importance of music in schools. He recalled, “I remember when Music Drives Us gave drum sets and guitars to my middle school. I have seen first hand what music in schools does for kids.” For many students including Alex music was the most valuable part of their school experience. Alex said, “For me, it was the one hour a day that I could be myself. I had a tough time in school, so music was the only time when I could sit in class and just be me.” 

Ultimately, music inspires and heals. Alex’s story is just one example of how music can be vital in children’s lives especially in school. However, not everyone acknowledges the importance of music in public schools. More often, people see the value in athletics over music programs. When asked if he compares attendance at his shows to sporting events Alex said, “The thing about music is, if you are at a sporting event it may have 500 people, but at least 200 of the people in attendance are zoned out looking at the sky or the ground. It doesn’t matter how many people attend a music event, they will be completely engaged. If you are lucky enough to perform, the number of the people in attendance are so engaged it doesn’t matter how many people there are.” Alex thanked his parents for instilling a love of music in him from a young age. He hopes to inspire children involved with Music Drives Us in the same way. Even though he is currently in college studying automotive marketing management, Alex has plans to pursue music after he graduates. Alex said, “The second I get out of school, I want to attempt music because I would much rather make $30k a year trying to be a musician and be the happiest guy alive than make $200 million a year and be a miserable prick the entire time!”

The inspiration and passion in Alex Boch’s life comes from music. As Music Drives Us continues to grow, lives will continue to change. Music drives us to do better, be better. When the lights come on and the bass kicks in, we are ourselves. 

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