VELO Vodka (July 2022)

Let us set the scene: it’s summertime and living isn’t so easy. It’s Friday afternoon and you are itching to leave the office for the weekend. Finally, the clock strikes 6. You say goodbye to Mandy from HR and throw away the remains of your latte that is now room temperature. Your saving grace is a text from your best friends, they are in need of a night out as well. You hit up your favorite Boston bar. The music is loud and your shoes actually fit. The only thing missing is the perfect drink. That’s when you order a cocktail with VELO Vodka. 

VELO is not your mother’s vodka. It’s smart, sexy, and new. It has a smooth, refreshing taste that is nothing short of glamorous. VELO is short for velocity. It is a super-premium, gluten free, corn based formula. VELO is a brand based on science, so everyone who orders it can have a fabulous experience.

Founded in South Boston, VELO is a woman owned business. Founder Colleen Eyges said, “VELO is myself, my daughter, and our sales girl. We are small and in it for the long haul.” Colleen Eyges had the idea for VELO while out to brunch with her children. When Eyges and her family sat down to eat, she immediately noticed something wrong with their waitress. She looked like she was sick. Eyges immediately thought, “I hope she washed her hands.” Eyges’ son had been recovering from a health issue and she was worried about their waitress getting him sick. When their waitress returned from the kitchen with a container of Pedialyte, Eyges realized the truth: the waitress was hungover. Eyges was relieved and thought, “Why wasn’t this girl drinking better or making a better choice?” Eyges decided that day to create her own high quality product for everyone to enjoy. The idea for VELO was born. 

In the following months, Eyges and her daughter found a distiller in South Boston. Eyges said about the process, “We went through 17 different versions of the product before we went to market. We wanted it to be the most smooth and high quality possible.” Once they settled on a final product, VELO went to market in February 2020.

VELO started small with 64 accounts in liquor stores and restaurants on the North Shore. However, they experienced “explosive growth” in August 2021. Now, VELO Vodka has 350 accounts. You can sip VELO in a drink at the Four Seasons in Boston or hit up Kappy’s on route 1 for a bottle: it’s your choice! VELO stands out on liquor store shelves with its sleek Northern Lights inspired packaging that is low waste and eco-friendly.

Even though owning a business can be challenging at times, Colleen Eyges said running VELO is “a labor of love.” Eyges and her daughter founded VELO, they plan to own it for a long time. Eyges recalled, “We love meeting wonderful people and doing wonderful things with the business. We love seeing people enjoying VELO on social media.”

When asked about the VELO brand, Eyges wants to inspire people with their small business. She said, “Women are as smart as anyone else. I’ve worked hard since I was 11 years old. I am teaching my daughter and anyone else that you can really do anything you want. The sky’s the limit.” 

Next time you’re out with your friends catching a drink, order a VELO cocktail. The history is inspiring, but the taste speaks for itself. VELO is the key to a fabulous night ahead.  

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