‘The untitled college is ending 300 word project’

Inspiration is like Miralax–it takes hours to kick in.

By the time I’ve thought of something to write, I’m at my part-time job and we’re out of toilet paper.

I go to the storage closet and restock the toilet paper with just enough time to write down the Miralax joke in my notes app

I’m sitting here, 5pm on a Monday next to a desk that I use as a vanity in a twin XL bed that I use as a desk. I’m not going to say that “college flew by” because in actuality it was long.

I laugh thinking about the times I did the reading, but it wasn’t “the right reading,” so I improvised an answer like a stumped Jeopardy contestant. One time I signed up for a course called “Self & World” that was entirely on Zoom. My professor had her pet psychic on as a guest speaker. 

I’m going to miss arriving to class promptly at 10am, hair fully blown out remembering my laptop charger AND a satiating snack. 

I’m going miss seeing a weird exe in the dining hall and laughing about it with my friends.

I’m going to miss agonizing over a homework grade until it somehow doesn’t matter as much anymore.

I started college with a bob, lots of cardigans, and quite a bit of sadness.

I moved cities, donated the cardigans, and began using the Instagram mute feature.

Even when my inspiration is slow to start, I feel this incredible gratefulness. I’m proud of myself for that. 

2 thoughts on “‘The untitled college is ending 300 word project’”

  1. Damn straight -you should be proud You are amazing.
    I can not believe you are graduating!!! Years are flying .
    Love you Abby ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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