The year writing healed me aka where to next?

Two years ago, my life felt like the last 30 minutes of Titanic. I was a young woman, navigating a new place. My luxury cruise was a college experience miles away from home. Like young Kate Winslet, I was promised a fabulous, new life. Neither of us expected to be thrown off course into freezing isolation. I struggled to keep afloat. I used therapy and long walks as my life rafts. I did not reach solid ground until I started writing articles. I never wrote about my depression. I never wrote about sleepless nights or anxiety attacks, not once. Instead, I wrote about things that made me laugh hysterically. I became a curator of my dream life; a creator of a reality that I wanted to exist. My life became my writing. It was all music reviews, awkward short stories, and of course the Kardashians. My work was my escape.

Flash forward to last summer (2021), I created New Beginnings Blog. My weird, fabulous, femme writing lives eternally in cyberspace. I am now old-lady Kate Winslet, I have thrown my most prized, glimmering possession away. My healing belongs to the world to read. I am eternally grateful for the support I have received in creating this project. Sharing my “new beginning” with you all has been a privilege. 

It’s now a year later and I am no longer afraid of starting over. I am continuously working on myself. I took a hiatus from posting here because other projects took precedent. I am excited to be back. Coming soon this blog may see some changes, I cannot wait to share them with you all!

Where to next?

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